It's all in the details.

The city that never sleeps deserves a Lebanese supper club that matches its energy. Zaffi is open until the early hours, ensuring that your night continues with the warmth and vibrancy of Lebanese hospitality. Indulge in a gastronomic journey curated by our world-renowned Executive Chef, Graeme Hunt. With a passion for innovation and a deep respect for Lebanese culinary traditions, Chef Hunt's creations are a symphony of flavors that elevate every bite into a masterpiece.

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At Zaffi, the night comes alive with an ambiance that's unlike anything you've experienced before. As the sun sets, our doors open to a world where authentic Lebanese flavors, live music, and the rhythmic beats of traditional drums converge to create a haven for night owls and discerning palates.

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Looking to host a private event that leaves a lasting impression? Zaffi offers event packages tailored to your needs, infusing Lebanese charm and flavor into your gathering.

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